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Stopped us in our tracks…

Hey Attic Fanatics...as you know we are always searching for the next most fabulous accessory for you, and look what we just discovered-where have you been all our lives?!?- These handmade cuffs by @liztechjewelry are on their way to @veronicasattic RIGHT NOW!!! Who wants one???When we first happened upon these handmade cuffs by Liztech Jewelry, we were stopped in our tracks… As you know, we are always searching for the next best accessory to bring back to ‘The Attic’ but when it comes to finding pieces that are genuinely DIFFERENT, it becomes impossible at times.

This is what stopped us in our tracks…we had NEVER before seen something like these, and just admiring how much work goes into each individual piece is incredible.

The stones are set on tiny mirrors which reflect light and feature so many different types of stones/crystals/shapes/textures all in one piece.

This picture can only do so much justice…you just need to come in to see in real life how stunning these are 😉

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