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Most. Comfortable. Pants. Ever.

Ok, we’ll admit it… we wear these pants more often than we should….

@hardtailforever yoga pants and tops! #yoga #summer #comfycute

To work, to work out, to the grocery store, to run errands, to bed!

Whenever I need to run out of the house and don’t want to put an outfit together, I honestly just grab my Hard Tail pants.

They are the most flattering, most comfortable, most cozy piece of clothing I own- (And I own a LOT of clothing).

Whats great about these is that the top waistband folds down over your hips, making you feel all sucked-in and skinny without being so tight that you can’t breathe. (Trust me, the company specializes in active wear and Yoga clothes, so you will be able to move and run around all day, but you will feel like you are in your pj’s)

At Veronica’s Attic, we ALWAYS keep them in in black, but you will usually find a surprise assortment of other colors as well. In this picture, Emma is wearing the Navy blue pair, and I have on a deep wine color.

Its warm out now, but for fall you will see me wearing these with wedge booties for sure! They are a staple in my closet and if you don’t already own a pair you NEED to get in here and try them on!

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