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Introducing FLAWLESS

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Introducing @joesjeans #FLAWLESS Collection! A gravity defying sleek silhouette #thenewskinnyjeanA gravity defying sleek silhouette by Joes Jeans.

We tried them on ourselves and they REALLY work WONDERS!

Our favorite part? They are a skinny, yet we can still breathe move and stretch in them because of their flexibility.

Charmed Life

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WOAH!!! @lisajilljewelry stopped by to bring us more charms and chains and now we have TONS!!! #lisajilljewelry #vintagefinds #charmsandchainsWOAH! Lisa, from Lisa Jill Jewelry stopped by and filled us up with new charms and chains from her Fall collection.

If you haven’t come in to build your own necklace yet you are missing out!

This GENIUS concept lets you play “designer” and totally make your own necklace.

Step 1: Pick your chain.

Step 2: Choose your charms.

Step 3: Rock your awesome (and totally one of a kind) piece around town!

Bring on the Fall Florals

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Find our full outfit of the day on our Facebook page, but heres a peek at the new Fall @lavenderbrownclothing top...so feminine and soft...AND can be worn two ways! #lavenderbrown #feminineprint #shoplocalBring on the Fall Florals (and the boots, scarves, and vests-oh my!)

The optional front closure on this top by Lavender Brown lets you wear it two ways: layered with a cami, or buttoned up with a short necklace.

Either way…this Fall floral print has us swooning

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