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Bumble Mania

lauriebb OK- so this is serious. Clearly in the house of VA we are overly obsessed with anything that makes us feel and look good right? Well, Bumble and Bumble has just released a product that we don’t really have to TRY to do so.

If you’re a product junkie like us, you’ll know, and OH-SO loooove B&B’s Surf spray. It gives you that just off the beach look without actually being there….unfortunately. It has a light hold, and a matte finish, with a very relaxed boho kind of appearance. Very sexy 🙂 And best of all, it’s suitable for ALL types of hair. Too good to be true?

Hehe, well…to add to this miracle spray-they’ve newly created a shampoo and conditioner to go with! Here at VA we have just been trained on this product, so come on in and ask us about how obsessed we are over it….we won’t be shy!

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