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About Veronica’s Attic

The experience of shopping at Veronica’s Attic boutique is truly unique.  The moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with both the delicious scent of reed diffusers and candles, as well as Bailey, the owner’s beautiful white dog, who is always sporting a fashionable color of toenail polish.

These days with the exponential surge of online shopping activity, it is rare to find a successful, small, local business. For the past 25 years, however, Sandy Spring’s Veronica’s Attic Boutique has remained a shining example of just that.

Owner, Cecily Ross


The vivacious and business-savvy owner of Veronica’s Attic, Cecily Ross, is the primary reason why Veronica’s Attic is the go to spot for savvy women in Atlanta.  Ross, who recently celebrated 13 years of owning Veronica’s Attic, has maintained the boutique as the best boutique in Sandy Springs.

One of Ross’s favorite aspects of owning and running Veronica’s Attic is the “personal relationships formed” with her “wonderful customers [who bring] repeated business.”  Ross keeps in contact with the store’s loyal clientele through various modes of communication: phone calls, texts, Facebook, and, more recently, Instagram, where she and her team post pictures and updates of the ever-changing inventory.

Although Ross has made a few changes to the boutique, such as constantly updating the current trends and fashions the store carries, since her acquisition of the store in 2003, she admits not having made too many changes.  “People love it the way it has always been,” she said. And, it also helps having Bailey the boutique dog here everyday for our customers to love on!

It is Ross’s own unique style and personality that have allowed Veronica’s Attic to flourish.  Not only did she manage to keep the store open through the financial crisis of 2008, but she also maintains it through carefully managing costs and overhead, and monitoring inventory very carefully.

Attentiveness to customers is also a large part of both Ross’s success as owner and success of the store overall.  Ross cited one of her greatest accomplishments as  “being able to outfit and accessorize women of all ages, from early teens, then way into late adulthood [and] providing a wide variety of brands and fashions that fit the tastes and bodies of a large group.”

“I enjoy helping my customers feel good about their clothing choices,” Ross said.  Achieving this result includes being 100% honest with her customers and sometimes admitting that “not everything can look good on everyone.”

Veronica’s Attic is truly a place where you leave feeling excited about and comfortable with your purchases.  “Cecily and the girls,” the Veronica’s Attic team, give you confidence that you will both look and feel fabulous in whatever you buy at the boutique, whether it be a pair of jeans (brands include Sevens, Joes, and Red Engine) or even underwear (from the huge selection of Hanky Panky underwear).

Denim and lacy undergarments are not the only kinds of clothing you can expect to find at Veronica’s Attic, though—far from it, in fact.  The boutique also carries a large selection of clothing from brands like Michael Stars, Three Dots, Free People, Spanx, Bailey 44, and Hard Tail, to name a few.

Of course, no outfit is complete without accessories, with which Veronica’s Attic is well supplied. Cases full of jewelry line the area in front of the cash register, filled with a variety of styles designed by Avindy, Lisa Jill, Anna Balkin, Mark Edge, and Lisa George, among others.

Although you can hardly help shopping for yourself in Veronica’s Attic, it is also a wonderful place to find gifts for others.  There are bath and beauty products galore, including selections from Ahava, Bumble and Bumble, Thymes, Mistral, and Shelley Kyle.  A corner of the store holds both the large selection of Votivo and Voluspa products and a bookshelf, with books ranging from instructional, hilarious, to inspirational.

The store also carries gifts for special occasions, such as new babies or weddings. To complete your gift, you can pick up a card from the selection at Veronica’s Attic, and even have the gift wrapped in the store’s complimentary signature wrapping.

Veronica’s Attic, in the truest sense, is a unique boutique.  It is not only the store’s merchandise that brings back customers time and time again, but also the wonderful atmosphere, charismatic owner, and helpful team.

Ross, for ten years, has successfully made her own mark on Veronica’s Attic.  “Although some may regard ‘retail’ as just ‘selling’ – it’s much more than that,” Ross said. “It’s the ability to style and accessorize, to impart confidence, and to emanate a positive atmosphere for women to escape the realities of everyday life!”

Due to Covid: We are currently open Monday-Saturday 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM, and CLOSED on Sundays.